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We offer solutions for plastic injection.

Process Engineering

Close collaboration between the company and the customer to understand their needs and specifications of the desired product. Then, feasibility studies and technical analyses are carried out to determine the best approach for the production of the final product, namely the design and development of the mould, the selection of raw materials, among other aspects.


Plastic injection is a process used in the manufacture of plastic parts, which involves the following steps:
1) Preparation of the material
2) Melting the material
3) Material injection
4) Cooling the part
5) Piece extraction

Quality Control

Throughout the process, quality controls are carried out to ensure that the parts produced meet the established specifications and requirements. This process may include visual inspections, dimensional measurements and functional tests.

Packaging and Expedition

After final approval from quality control, the plastic parts are packaged according to customer needs and requirements. They are then ready to be shipped and delivered to their final destination.

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